Bespoke furniture


Bespoke furniture

Are you interested in bespoke furniture? At Furniture Direct, we provide a bespoke furniture to meet the demands and needs of our customers throughout the country. We have skilled furniture makers in-house that can make a wide range of furniture.

Invest in our bespoke furniture

Do you want something different for your home or do you want to jazz up your existing furniture? Then bespoke furniture is the right option for you. The team at Furniture Direct have the skills and equipment to modify and build furniture to meet your requirements.

We design and make furniture to suit all offices, bedrooms and lounges in the desired style or period.

Bespoke furniture gives you the options that you can never have when you choose pre-made or assembly furniture. If you have the imagination and have always dreamed of owning your very own piece of bespoke furniture, then this is a perfect option for you.

Reasons to buy custom furniture

Completely unique to you and your home

As it is made to your demands and specifications, you will be adding character and individuality to your property when you choose our custom-made furniture service.

An investment that will last

By selecting our bespoke furniture, you will be buying a product that is made by expert craftsmen. Therefore, our products are built to last and will provide generations of service if treated and looked after well.

Good for the environment

If you are eco-conscious, we can construct bespoke furniture out of eco-friendly materials.

No assembly

There’s nothing worse than having to assemble flat-pack furniture, more so if you are the only person who can do it which makes the job much harder. With bespoke furniture, it is pre-assembled which saves you all the effort!

Why choose Furniture Direct?

• We design to your needs
• The team have expertise and experience to build lots of furniture
• We consider jobs of all sizes
• Our equipment and facilities are second-to-none
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